My new hair....


I wake up and when downstairs.I eat breakfast.It was ROTI CANAI....
Yum yum....After I watch TV.It was about animals..
After that when we finish watching.Our sedara went back home..When Abisaid"
Nabihah Iman we are going to the haircut".And then we waited a little bit
because Nabihah take a bath.After that we borrow our sedara car which her
house is next to us.And then we take off.When we arrive.
all the shop was close at Hulu Langat..
Afterthat Umi called Ateh.And she sai"There is a haircut for girl and boy".
So we went there.On the ay Nabihah felt asleep.
When we arrive.Kak Sarah show us the way.
And then we arrive.I was nervous hat haircut shoul we do?
And then I have an Idea....The haircut is called noni.
After that we went home....


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